Electrical Panels

Power up for a Safer Space 

Your electrical panel is the heart of your home’s electrical system. Working together with the circuits and wiring, it’s responsible for pumping electricity throughout your space. You need it to be powerful, reliable—and safe.

You see, according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), electrical problems are the largest cause of property damage in home structure fires across the U.S. On top of that, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) identifies small appliances plugged into inadequate or improper home wiring as the leading cause of accidental electrocutions.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. When you turn to Cornerstone Pros, one of our licensed electricians will perform an expert inspection of your electrical panel. During this assessment, we’ll ensure your panel is properly sized for your space, unearth potential issues and address them immediately to prevent any safety hazard threats from turning into realities.

And we don’t stop there. If your electrical panel needs a replacement or repair or if you’d like to add a subpanel, our technicians have the training and experience to perform these electrical services quickly, efficiently and affordably. Essentially, with our help, you can plug into the peace of mind you deserve.

Paying Attention to Your Electrical System Is the Ultimate Power Play

From your HVAC system and other major appliances to your lighting and ceiling fans, your electrical panel is responsible for powering everything in your home. But, in order to carry out this tremendous responsibility safely and efficiently, your electrical panel must be properly sized for your space and in tip-top shape.

Keep this in mind: Continuing to operate a failing or inadequately sized electrical panel puts your family in harm’s way. You can help prevent problems by keeping your eye out for the following warning signs that indicate your electrical panel needs an upgrade:

  • Your home’s circuit breakers trip frequently.
  • The lights in your home flicker constantly.
  • You need to shut off one appliance to use another.
  • Your appliances no longer operate at full power.
  • You need multiple extension cords.
  • Your circuit breakers don’t trip when they should.
  • Your home is equipped with a screw-in fuse panel.
  • Your electrical service is only 60 amps.
  • Your outlets have only two prongs and aren’t grounded.
  • There are strange noises coming from your panel box.
  • Your electrical panel doesn’t have a main breaker.
  • You don’t have ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs).

Bring Potential Threats to Light

As they say, proper preparation prevents poor performance. So, rather than waiting for your electrical panel to exhibit warning signs that it needs an upgrade, you can take a more proactive approach to protect the safety of you and your family by scheduling an electrical home inspection with our team.

At Cornerstone, our experts recommend that you have your electrical system inspected if your home is over 40 years old or if you added an appliance or completed a major renovation after you bought your home.

Now that you know when to have your electrical system inspected, here’s why it’s important:

  • Ensures the safe operation of electrical components in your home
  • Brings common electrical mistakes made by contractors and previous DIY homeowners to light
  • Recognizes outdated wiring such as aluminum or knob-and-tube
  • Identifies electrical wiring and components that may have degraded over time
  • Spots oversized fuses or breakers that could lead to a fire
  • Allows for the correction of fire and safety hazards
  • Helps you save energy and reduce costs
  • Meets insurance risk assessment inspection requirements
  • Ensures the electrical system in a new home is safe before you purchase it

Flip the Switch for a Safer Home

An electrical panel that’s too small can cause serious hazards. Quite often, the electrical panel in older homes can be out of date and undersized. At Cornerstone, our technicians encounter this problem frequently, not only in older homes, but in newer homes, too. In fact, it’s extremely common for newer homes to require an electrical panel upgrade to meet the increased power needs of growing families.

If you’re handy, you might be tempted to try to repair, replace or upgrade your electrical panel yourself. However, you should keep in mind that working with electricity is tricky and potentially dangerous when you don’t have the proper training and expertise. When you need electrical work done, the wisest and safest plan is to turn to the experts at Cornerstone Pros.

Whether your home or business is in Tampa, Brandon, Trinity or another nearby community, our licensed electricians will assist you with upgrading your electrical panel to one that meets your needs for years to come. For further assurance, we encourage you to join our Comfort Club, where you’ll receive a 71-point electrical inspection that keeps your system in top working order at a cost that is easy on your budget—along with many other benefits, too!

But that’s not all. We offer subpanel installations and repairs, too! So, whether you’ve run out of room in your main electrical panel, want to add another electrical panel in another location in your space or need a separate electrical panel for a recent addition, our subpanel services will help you safely plug into an extra power supply.

In Light of Attaining a Safer Home, Turn to Cornerstone Pros Today!

When you feel safe and secure, peace of mind takes care of itself. So, to secure effortless serenity, we encourage you to schedule an electrical system inspection, upgrade your electrical panel or add a subpanel to your home or business today by filling out our online form or calling 813-995-7558 today!

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